No sooner said than done

A textbook guide to using Dragon.

As far as I know, this is the only textbook of its kind written to style guidelines suggested by the British Dyslexia Association.

Part 1 covers how to set up Dragon and the basics of dictating text quickly and accurately.

Part 2 looks at working hands free, allowing you to control your desktop and apps with voice commands. This is very useful if you have a painful condition such as arthritis or RSI.

Part 3 looks at the creation of custom commands.

Topics covered include…

  1. Installation and how to configure Dragon
  2. Dictating text and three key voice commands
  3. Customising the Dragon Vocabulary (including adding course specific words for DSA students)
  4. Working hands free in Microsoft Word
  5. Microsoft Outlook
  6. Google Chrome
  7. Excel
  8. Windows File Explorer
  9. Proof reading
  10. Creating simple custom commands
  11. Backing up Dragon – this is very important!

You can find out more here…

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