Dragon eLearning Solution

This step-by-step online course is a complete guide to using Dragon Professional. 

It is on the list of approved products for Student Finance England and is available for DSA studentsIt is also CPD certified.

This video shows one of the three key Dragon voice commands, helping to make it easier when you first start using the app.

The course currently consists of 90 modules, each about 3-5 minutes long and totalling three hours of material that would normally be covered in two or three half days of face-to-face training!

New modules are being added all the time covering working with Gmail, switching microphones, transcribing audio from another source, using the Auto Punctuation feature and a section on advanced scripting. 

With this course you will learn…

  1. how to install and configure Dragon
  2. how to dictate text and use the three key voice commands essential for writing
  3. how to customise the Dragon Vocabulary (adding course specific words for DSA students or professionals)
  4. how to work hands free in Microsoft Word
  5. how to work in Microsoft Outlook
  6. how to search the web in Google Chrome
  7. how to use voice commands in Microsoft Excel
  8. how to control Windows File Explorer with your voice
  9. how to use the proof reading tools in Dragon
  10. how to create simple custom commands
  11. how to back up your Dragon profile  
As you follow the course you will find quizzes to test your knowledge. The pass mark is 60% for all but the end of course quiz, which is 75%, but you may retake each quiz if necessary!

Questions and suggestions for improvement are always welcome and you will find a ‘contact the teacher’ button in each lesson.


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