About Top Class

Top Class Computers has 29 years of experience in providing help and support with assistive software or hardware for people with a disability who use a computer.

The company was founded in 1993 by Neil Sleight, shortly after being made redundant! He had previously worked in the computer industry for 20 years, but became interested in software and equipment for children with a disability following the birth of his son James, who has Down’s Syndrome. (James is now doing well in supported living in Witney, after attending the excellent Derwen College in Shropshire).

Although we tend to specialise in technology such as voice recognition and screen reading, we are available to help and support anyone with a disability, and voice recognition software is now in widespread use at home, university, or in the workplace.

Please use the contact form here to send us an email if you think we can help, or would like any advice.

We have supplied equipment and helped people of all ages in many different locations.

Training is very important, particularly for voice recognition software because it can help to eliminate the use of both the keyboard and mouse, making a computer much easier to use. Our trainers are very patient and friendly, and we offer free support over the telephone if there are problems in the future.

We feel that our training is both comprehensive and good value, and we offer special rates for Access to Work!

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